Day: January 2, 2016

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Appendix and Tie-Ins

Screenshot_2Now here’s an interesting set of choices. In the KH1 manga, we saw an adaptation that largely copied the events of the original game with only the smallest injection of personality. I said I wasn’t much of a fan, because I couldn’t see any reason to pick it up over/alongside the original product unless you had a full-out genre preference. Now, in this second adaptation, we have personality so strong it arguably overwhelms the depiction of the original plot. There are definitely reasons to pick one version over or alongside the other, but are they reasons that favour the manga?

Here’s where the changes get unusual. Despite being an adaptation of one of the darkest games in the franchise, the CoM manga is a comedy product. Except when it’s not. I mean, a boy does die in the middle. And that seems like it should be our first point of discussion. Was it really a bright idea to surround all this death and misery with slapstick? It certainly can work – all it takes in the right kind of writing. But therein lies the problem: I don’t think the CoM manga has that kind of writing. Even more damning than that: I don’t find it very funny at all? In fact, as time has gone on, I’ve become more and more disinterested in the discussion of whether the CoM manga was tonally appropriate. These days I just look back at the whole experience, think of one or two of its worst jokes, and sigh.