Day: December 29, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – The Road to Dawn

On B1, Riku and Mickey have a discussion about fighting Ansem. Riku tries to insist that he needs to face Ansem alone, and furthermore, if he should fail and be possessed by Ansem, he wants Mickey to be safe and ready to… ahem… put him away. Mickey interrupts Riku mid-sentence by saying “Sure, I’ll save you, pal!” He refuses to even acknowledge Riku’s request to be killed should things go sour. Mickey not only refuses to kill Riku if worse turns to worse, but insists on going with him. And thank goodness: during my first playthrough, I was screaming inside my head at the idea of fighting the final boss without Mickey after two worlds without him. The King insists Riku will be fine, and that they’ll pull through this together.

Before you go into the final world, you might notice that the D Report looks a lot more complete – it’ll be missing only a single Heartless entry if you’re on top of things, with everything else stamped and ready to go. The upper-floor members of the Organization have been added to it, with a lot of insider information yet again. In my mind, this settles the debate: the author of the D Report is DiZ. He’s been watching Riku all along (being an impartial observer is something he’s very adamant about in the GBA), he called Riku here in the first place and so has the most reason to have been chronicling his journey, and since the writer doesn’t sound like Naminé, I can only assume the writer must be the other third party walking about the castle.