Day: December 22, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Zexy

com-2015-12-21-14h45m44s412It’s been a long time since we saw cutscenes on both sides of the staircase. Back in the dark room, Zexion… I guess “smells”… Lexaeus’ death and acts somewhere between neutral and upset. The dark meeting room is starting to look very lonely. Axel decides this is the right moment to intercede. Zexion’s strangely neutral toward Axel (“neutral” is the key word with Zexion) considering that he earlier describe Axel killing Vexen as “deplorable.” Axel says that he wonders who will be next to die, which is lovely dinner conversation, and Zexion shows a sense of humour by saying “I thought perhaps it might be you.”

This gives Axel an excuse to show us where we are in the plot: Sora has just thrashed him and is on his way to Marluxia. At least this time the time skip makes sense: Riku was unconscious just now.