Day: December 17, 2015

Final Fantasy V – Big Game Hunting and Drowning


If you sleep on the ship, most of the party is forced to sleep in chairs!

As we would later discover, the Ship’s Graveyard was located at the north of another large, inland sea. The party, including Faris, pulled themselves together upon arrival, and the game did a good job of showing us that the party was not fully unified but knew they would have to work together without having to spell out the point for all to see.

The Graveyard was a weird dungeon. It’s nominally made up of multiple ships joined together by planks, but in practice, it mostly takes place inside the hold of a single ship, while you only hop across the abbreviated tops of most of the others. Furthermore, this dungeon introduces the fact that your characters can swim in full armour without having to come up to breathe. If you say so! This controls just like regular movement, which makes it an unremarkable feature overall, you kind of end up wondering why they bothered?