Day: December 13, 2015

Final Fantasy V – Perverts, Inc.

Now that we had our first Job Crystals, it was time to look at our party layout. Similar to the FFIII remake, our party was currently made up of Freelancers, though these Freelancers would be very different in the long run. First things first, though! The Wind Crystal had gifted us with the Knight, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and new to this entry, Blue Mage jobs. Unlike FFIII, where jobs gave you a pre-set block of stats, Jobs in this game apply extreme modifiers to your character’s base stat-line, and also give you a series of abilities.

Jobs have a core ability to begin with, called a “Job Command,” though additional Hidden, passive abilities are also lurking behind the scenes. As the game goes on, you gain job points (technically “ABility Points” or ABP), and when you gain enough, your job levels up, unlocking new Job Commands which may be equipped in your second Ability Slot even in other jobs! Some of the Abilties are copies of the active or passive abilities the job has, which can be carried over to other Job classes, while others are brand new even to the Job that taught them. This sounds like a great way to build characters, though the fact that you only get to pick one secondary ability at a time is fairly limiting. Because you won’t really be at your full potential until you have a unique secondary ability in your secondary ability slot, you’ll want to start off this phase of the game by getting an ability from one job and then hopping over to another. We did not do this, and instead at on our initial Job picks for several hours, picking up nothing but “carry-over” copies of skills our starter jobs already had. Oh well. Next replay.