Day: December 6, 2015

Final Fantasy Adventure – Happy Mass Extinction Ending


Sumo meets Marcie

Inside Dime Tower, we met up with Marcie (Marshall in the US version of Sword of Mana, but not other regions). Marcie was Bowow’s former assistant robot from 50 years ago that he had used to research Dime Tower, and then forgot. She joined us as our first partner in ages: she could fire lasers at our enemies and recover our MP, immediately and to full, just by ASKing her. That’s stupendous!

But… wait, hold on. Fifty years ago? I thought this was a tower built by the Vandolean Empire – why would they want it studied when they constructed it within living memory? Or… was the war more than 50 years ago and Bowow was studying them after the war, and it collapsed into the sand soon after? Did Fuji’s mother have her kid that late in life? Alternately, the war may have been in the deep past, and Fuji’s mom was more of her ancestor than her mother, but that wouldn’t explain Julius. To make matters worse, the game can’t back up its own cruft. There are tablets inside the tower that Marcie could translate (I assume – it used her all-caps text). They had been placed there by the Vandole and clearly ran up to the end of their empire. There’s simply no way to back up Marcie’s story… or the shitty timeline of this game in general. Sword of Mana tosses this mess by making Marcie a Vandolean warbot.