Day: November 17, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – 99 Problems and my cards are all of them

kh1-2015-11-16-14h19m37s852Back up in crystal ball room, Axel and Naminé are alone. It seems Axel has been watching the debacle with Sora and the others through the crystal ball, and he tells Naminé that she’s all Sora has left. “If you won’t stop this, who will?” When Naminé starts to protest, Axel suddenly says: “By the way, Naminé. I don’t see Marluxia around. Do you?”

Naminé doesn’t understand at first, but with a little more goading, she realizes Axel is letting her go, and flees the room while Axel deliberately keeps his back turned, whispering: “Make it count.” As soon as she’s left, Axel has a brief monologue, which was changed between versions, which is too bad because a lot of people have said it’s one of their favourites. Here’s the original:

“Hm hmm… Ha ha haaa! Now this should be good. All the actors are in place. Now, Sora! Naminé! Riku! Marluxia! Larxene! It’s about time you gave me one hell of a show!”

In Re:CoM he’s more subdued:

“Now THIS should be interesting. Try and make it enjoyable, Sora. It’s the least you can do for me, you know.”

You do have to wonder what he means.