Day: November 14, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Good riddance to the blabbermouth

com-2015-11-12-19h24m39s333Today’s entry opens up with Vexen take 2. I am this… I am this close to talking about the danger of CoM’s endgame bosses, but no. I will trust in the cleansing power of Fire. That said, Vexen is much more dangerous than he was at the end of the previous floor. Vexen now has the Air Pirate Enemy Card, which will make his Item cards (Elixirs) unbreakable for the next three reloads, and remember that using an Elixir doesn’t count as a reload! He also has his own Enemy Card, which triggers Auto-Life. This ability will restore his life somewhat if he dies, like an upgraded Second Chance. Just to rub salt in it, he’s gained nearly ten high-value attack cards over his initial set. He also has new Sleights. Firaga, don’t fail me now! If all else fails, advice from later in the retrospective could help you carry through.

Beating Vexen gets you his Enemy Card, which does all of the above, plus makes you immune to Ice but weak against Fire. It sadly won’t be of much use to you since you just defeated the game’s biggest ice boss, but it probably discouraged the use of Ice in multiplayer matches back in the day.