Day: November 3, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Falling Downhill with Friends

com-2015-11-02-18h44m30s579At the top of the Castle, the Organization members have noticed Riku is missing as well. Axel and Larxene blame Vexen, Larxene saying the “toy” isn’t following orders any more. Larxene even calls him “Vexie” in the GBA version, so you can see why he gets a little upset between that and Axel’s sarcasm. In Re:CoM, we once again have the characters being more open about being Nobodies, as Larxene remarks: “Men without hearts are so boring.” And yet, Vexen does seem to be getting riled. I guess “anger” doesn’t count as an emotion, all of a sudden? I realize this is a relic of CoM when the concept of Nobodies may have been less refined, but c’mon, edit it out!

The fight is broken up when our hooded friend from the start of the game teleports back into the room. Hey man! I… almost forgot you were in this game! Where’ve you been? Vexen addresses this figure as “Marluxia,” which Re:CoM informs us is pronounced “Mar-loo-sha,” much to everyone’s surprise. Marluxia unhoods, to reveal a flowing set of bishounen locks, bright pink, complete with sakura petals flowing in the air, just in case you didn’t recognize him as being the guy from ten hours ago who also had a petal motif. You… do remember that the guy from ten hours ago had a petal motif, right? Marluxia’s powers are tied to flowers, which comes off as strange considering most of his flower-related powers are just decorative flourishes. He has a few flower spells, but he doesn’t summon Creeper Plants, he doesn’t use Cure (thank goodness)… The motif just seems to be here for the sake of being here?