Day: October 31, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Wind-Up Castle

com-2015-10-30-17h57m00s474Floor 9 opens with a cutaway to Axel, who is talking to the blonde artist. And just in case you had your doubts, this is where the game confirms that the girl is Naminé.

The scene plays out somewhat different in each version. In the GBA version, Axel says he knows how Naminé feels, but says not to get her hopes up. “Nobodies can’t be somebodies.” He then adds: “But maybe… there’s something you can do.”

In Re:CoM, he clarifies what he’s talking about, saying how much it must hurt to see her childhood friends fighting over her. “You have my sympathies. From the heart.” Naminé looks away in disdain, and Axel says not to waste her time. “We Nobodies can’t be somebodies.”


Now that Sora remembers Naminé, her face is fully visible in 3D sequences.

While there’s something to be said about the ambiguity of the original, and how it cuts off on the spot, I think I prefer the new version. Axel is more clearly taunting Naminé in the new version, while in the GBA he seems to be harsh for harshness’ sake (Axel was more cold in the original game, in all instances, so this is in-character but still arbitrary). Better, in the new version “Nobodies” is capitalized even when it’s in the middle of a sentence, and the grammar makes it clear that “Nobodies” is a term, not an adjective, and that the term applies to both him and Naminé. In fact—holy shit folks, they’re Nobodies!