Day: October 27, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – What’s Her Name, What’s His Name, and Bob

com-2015-10-26-12h48m08s405Sora’s ruthless friendship is not enough for him to run Riku into the ground, and he’s disappeared by the time you make it up the stairs. He probably just opened the door without flashing a World Card at it first. Did you ever consider that, Sora? Did you ever just try the handle?

Donald and Goofy catch up, and Goofy’s line here is a little more confusing than it may seem at first glance: “Are you all right?” It’s a fine point of concern, but it ignores the fact that Donald and Goofy were popped out of existence during the last sequence in the 3D version. That’s not just me giving a complaint about the visuals: Donald and Goofy’s absence from the previous scene gives the momentary impression that Sora might have been the only one who saw Riku in the first place, as though he were some sort of illusion like that conversation with Aerith. When you consider Goofy’s “Are you all right?” in that context, it implies you’ve been swinging at the air and chasing ghosts for the past five minutes. Thankfully, everyone starts talking about Riku without Sora saying another word, but thanks for the confusion.