Day: October 25, 2015

Final Fantasy Legend II – Save the World: Abandon Your Child

Final Fantasy Legend II begins, much like its predecessor, with a legend to get your wheels turning: a statue of the goddess Isis was broken into a series of 77 relics called “MAGI” that are blessed with such innate power, that people have begun to use them to become “New Gods” to fill the void left by the creator gods. This is one of my favourite premises, it really appeals to my inner munchkin.

Full disclosure: this is a game I’ve played in the past, and so, like FFLI, this Journal is being written from an informed position instead of the first-timer position that normally defines the Journals. Like FFLI, I was never able to beat this game, though I did make it all the way to the final boss once. The entire game was new to Kyle.