Day: October 24, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Is that a trident behind your back or are you just… uh…

com-2015-10-23-13h09m32s212Floor 7 begins with another scene between Axel and Larxene, this one actually well done. They’re spoiling us! Larxene comes back into the room saying “Whew… Throwing the battle back there really wore me out.” And Axel says: “Really? It looked to me like you just plain lost.” This is hilarious, why can’t they be dicks to one another like this all the time? Also, it’s interesting to see how we’ve gone from Axel definitely throwing the battle at the end of Floor 1 to Larxene only possibly throwing the battle at the end of Floor 6. Sora is getting stronger, and in a few more floors you know that we’re finally going to beat someone fair and square. Also, if Larxene gave you trouble in the boss fight, Axel’s line probably feels refreshing.

Their spat is interrupted by the arrival of a new Organization member, a pale-haired fellow named Vexen, voiced by Derek Stephen Prince of Digimon and Bleach fame (he was also the voice of Elgar and Treacheron on Power Rangers, and of course I’m going to point that out). Vexen is much older than the other Organization members we’ve seen so far, which Axel sees fit to point out later in the conversation (I’d say Axel and Larxene were in their early twenties, but I’ve known Square Enix long enough to imagine they might be in their late teens). Axel asks what brings Vexen “topside,” our second hint that this Castle has a basement, and Vexen says that he’s not sure Sora is worth all this trouble everyone is putting him through. Vexen loudly announces that he is A Scientist and Scientists Do Research. No, no, keep reading off your two-point character description, that’s fine, I don’t have to make you look simplistic if you’re going to do it for me.