Day: October 22, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Passing the torch to burn the next generation

com-2015-10-21-17h40m08s289The Crystals, Part 3

The Depths are more than twenty stories deep, so excuse me if I speed things up. The Depths mark the line where the 3D version, previously a fairly close replica of the PSP version of TAY, goes gallivanting off in its own direction, much to the consequence of my screenshots. The Depths in the cell phone, WiiWare and PSP version are guarded by additional Crystals, like the levels above, but filled with bosses from other Final Fantasy games, using the sprites already made available in previous remakes (namely FFI 20th Anniversary, which features cameos from these same bosses). This caries the somewhat uncomfortable implication that the worlds of FFI, II, III, V and Vi may have been destroyed by the villain of TAY in the same manner as the blue planet, though I’ve never really subscribed to that theory, figuring instead that they were simply similar monsters from similar worlds.

The original 3D smartphone version, unfortunately, couldn’t use sprites from other remakes, as it’s a 3D game after all. While the models from FFIII would have been available, that would have left TAY four games short. While I personally would have been far more interested in buying a copy of TAY 3D if it had included brand new 3D models of bosses from FFs I, II, V and VI, Square Enix decided they’d rather cut corners, and I don’t think I can blame them, no matter how cool the alternative would be. It also helps that they shrunk down the dungeon while they were at it. Personally, I find the referencial kitch of the 2D versions to be a net selling point, but I’m hardly everyone and I imagine that a lot of other players could be discouraged by the sheer size of the original dungeon. In the end, the 3D version cut back most of the bosses, leaving their treasures – though a new set of “Lunar” Eidolons (boring recolours of the bosses from The Crystals: Part 1) exist to guard the biggest prizes.