Day: October 20, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Genie, get me a danish!

Sora’s list of Sleights. Mickey symbols indicate Friend sleights.

While Sora and Aladdin run off to the Palace gates (once again never entering the Palace), let’s wrap up the one remaining central game mechanic: Sleights. Sleights aren’t hard to understand once you understand Combo Attacks, at least at the basic level. Once you try to put them into action, you’ll find things are a little more complicated.

The easiest way to explain Sleights is probably to talk about spells. If you play one Fire card, Sora casts Fire, right? But if you stock three, he’ll cast Firaga, and god help any poor Blue Rhapsody that fly in front of your Keyblade during that. Two-card sleights are a little more complicated, in that the cards have to be stocked next to one another: Fire -> Fire -> Keyblade means Sora will cast Fira and then swing his keyblade at dead air, but Fire -> Keyblade -> Fire is just a combo attack. This simple Sleight pattern applies to every spell, Friend Card and Summon, so it’s not even something you have to remember. Have two Goofys? Play two Goofys and get an upgraded spin attack from our shield-wielding friend!