Day: October 18, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – The Immortal Slog


The party selection begins!

The Crystals – Part 2

This chapter began with us in control of Ceodore, but a quick chat with anyone soon gave us the option to swap party members. We could use anyone from the previous chapters, with Cecil joining us anew at Level 40, far above the rest of the party… and useless. Cecil’s stats had been floored by his mental state, and were kept bolstered only by his top-tier equipment, though they were still below the intended level. This put us in an awkward state. We did not want to check ahead in the walkthroughs, but the Marathon’s rules state that we have to check ahead to make sure we don’t lose any optional party members.  As a result, we knew a secret: we would need a party of Cecil, Golbez, Ceodore and Rosa to keep Golbez alive past a certain point of this dungeon, or Golbez would die.  Cautious about this but not sure when it would actually happen, we made sure to use this exact party for most of the dungeon, including Cecil.  This was a terrible mistake.

To fill the final party slot, we drafted Kain after some deliberation. When we finally did notice how poorly Cecil was doing, we considered swapping him for Luca (my choice) or Edge (Kyle’s), but never did it. We were just too nervous about losing Golbez.  This might surprise some people, but it actually took us a while to notice that Cecil was even doing sub-par!  This was because Rydia had been doing very poorly during The Gathering Tale (and would continue to do so until she got her -aga spells) that Cecil’s pathetic stats almost seemed half-decent in comparison. Seriously, what was wrong with Rydia in this game?