Day: October 11, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Bad Guy Double Feature

Kain’s Taletay-2015-10-09-21h34m26s342

Yes. “Kain’s” Tale. Definitely.

This was the first of the scenarios that requested save data from a previous playthrough, namely Ceodore’s Tale. Apparently, in the WiiWare release, these two versions merge or something to avoid this loading process, which was no doubt cumbersome, and also costs the player access to Ceordore’s bonus dungeon in replays, making the whole thing more than a little silly. Yet again, I’m glad we have the PSP version on-hand.

We joined up with Kain just at the tail-end of the Interlude, where he was hearing voices on Mount Ordeal (either that, or Kain’s been hearing voices for years and just ignored them until now). Not that the game says this is a flashback, so it can keep up its bluff that Kain is Kain and the Hooded Man is Some Random Guy. Kain was Level 30, same as when he joined up with Porom, and we took him to the monolith or whatever at the top of the mountain, only for him to find nothing. It took us a moment to realize we were supposed to just… leave the mountain, only for Kain to turn back and go back to the top. What’s all this running around for?