Day: October 10, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Frame-Up

com-2015-10-09-21h15m13s855The fifth floor begins with another brief cinematic of the blonde artist and her sketchbook. In the 3D versions, we even see the sketch. We’ll see a few of her sketches before the game is over in this version, and they’re all very rough, pencil crayon work, but you can make out the image of Sora, Kairi and Riku, and also the artist, all standing hand in hand.

Parallel to this drawing, Sora finally hits on it. “There was another girl!” Goofy starts looking around for a girl in their immediate vicinity, which is hilarious, but Sora explains that he’s referring to his days back on the Destiny Islands. He says had a third close friend alongside Riku and Kairi, well before the start of KH1. Jiminy asks why he didn’t remember her. The way he says it varies by version: he seems more excited for Sora in the GBA, and wary at the Castle’s magical power in the 3D. Sora says: “I think she went away when I was still little.” Sora says he’s just piecing it together as he goes, and Haley Joel Osmet drags this reading out a little to match, it’s nicely done.

com-2015-10-09-21h15m50s805Sora’s ashamed to have forgotten a friend when he and the others had all promised not to. That’s what I’ve been saying. But of course, this is the “finding” half of losing and finding: in losing his memories, Sora seems to have gained forgotten memories. He also seems to have gained a bit of energy off of this revelation, so even though he can’t remember his friend’s name, he’s eager to press on through the castle to learn more.