Day: October 6, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Sora plays Mega Man with your Card-Bound Soul

com-2015-10-05-18h59m38s385Back in the land of infinite white halls, Donald raises a fair but probably unanswerable question: If the cast is forgetting things, what are they forgetting? Oh: “except our friends,” he adds in the GBA version. To me, this spells out that Goofy’s line about not forgetting their friends was meant to have a deeper meaning than low-level shmaltz, since the GBA version is making it clear that the characters are blind to the obvious. Clever – and a little disappointing how the remake missed the intent. The cast realizes Donald’s question is essentially unanswerable, because they can’t remember what they don’t remember, but it serves as provocation for another recap, as Sora pulls out Kairi’s keychain. Hey Sora! How about you use that thing to get the Oathkeeper back? No?