Day: October 4, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – This is Also Palom’s Story

Porom’s Tale.  Nominally.
Remember when I said Edge’s Tale started much earlier than the others? Well, this one goes way back, all the way to the ending of FFIV, with Palom being dragged away from boasting to little Leonora. In the meeting with the Elder, Palom tells him that since he and Porom just helped save the world and all, maybe they’re above basic training, and the Elder says that one day he’ll let them off into the world to expand their training. We then cut ahead a number of years to the first of those trips, which Palom has conspired to send he and his sister to the desert town, Kaipo, where Cecil took Rydia at the start of FFIV, as it’s the town Tellah lived in at the end of his life. En route, we learn from Porom that Tellah and the Mysidian elder used to travel the world for decades before they settled down, Tellah even longer. She implies that being a Sage is a title given by thankful people as you help them in their everyday lives, which her brother mostly ignores. The two stop off at Tellah and his daughter Anna’s graves in town to pay their respects.

Kyle and I made a mistake here in assuming that this flashback would be self-contained, but we were wrong. Apparently, Porom and Palom keep their levels, possessions and gil untouched over the years between this scenario, the next scenario and the third (the one set in the present day), despite everyone else losing things like levels between FFIV and TAY. As a result, when Palom announced that he wanted to train at the Underground Waterway, we bit our tongues and went at once, without bothering to grind for cash. Heck, Kyle skipped a lot of the chests. This was a mistake, but at the same time…