Day: October 1, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – The Eblan Four: Live in Concert!

Edge’s Tale
Like Yang’s Tale before it, Edge’s tale begins with the man himself beating the crap out of his students. But these are not (unforgettable!) faceless mooks. These are “The Eblan Four,” Edge’s pupils and some of the best ninja in the world. And they’re allllllll Level 5-10s. What do you want from me? The heroes that saved the world are all Level 15, there’s really no higher standard!

Don’t you dare knock him out, we still need him!

This story started much earlier in the TAY chronology than some of the Tales, starting with Edge and the other seeing the second moon appear in the sky (aka, during the Prologue). Edge decided to go out and investigate himself, but his students intervened, saying Eblan needs its leader to do actual leadership work. Instead, we were given the choice to pick from four separate missions during four separate days (Moon Phases). As it happened, we never had to use a Tent or Inn during our missions, so I’m not sure we could have changed the current phase. We did some research on the Four and their specific abilities to help pick phases, but our choices were somewhat ill-informed. It would appear that Ninjutsu, the spell category the characters have in common, is considered a “Skill” rather than a mix of White and Black magic, so making our decisions based on magical abilities gleaned from the wiki didn’t help us at all. Oh well.

Keep in mind that we had to be careful in these missions! Falling unconscious during the missions meant the character had died and would never come back, and we were Marathon-bound not to allow that!