Day: September 26, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Existential Horror

Sora and pals have advanced to the second floor, and Jiminy Cricket is worrying over what Axel said about “You may no longer be who you are?” Besides driving home the point that Jiminy is the only one paying any fucking attention, this only serves to make it seem as though this is Episode 2 of an ongoing TV show, despite being only five seconds after the last scene. It serves my retrospective perfectly, but did the game really need a recap of what happened not one loading screen ago?

The discussion then turns to Hollow Bastion of all things. This isn’t as random as it seems, as Hollow Bastion was the last time the group was in a castle together. But there’s a problem: only Goofy can remember ever being there, and even he can’t remember Hollow Bastion’s name. The others tease him for making it up, but he’s adamant he hasn’t.