Day: September 24, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Monk C’s Glorious Rise to Power

Yang’s Tale
Yang’s Tale began with King Yang of Fabul beating the everloving crap out of three of his pupils. And holy shit, Yang’s new ‘stache could floss the teeth of God. Yang also has a new move called Cover Counter. This move was not unlike the Counter ability of Monks in later games (that is to say, originally FFV, but I’ve already seen it in FFIII DS), except Yang gets to pick which party member he’d like to cover instead of simply targeting himself like in most Final Fantasy games with Counter. If that person is attacked, Yang would strike at the enemy for extra damage.

After the young Monks thanked their king for letting them collect the last of their teeth, Princess Ursula burst in and demanded training, for what appeared to be the umpteenth time. This little story arc was a bit odd: not only was it oddly phrased, as though the issue was about Yang not training her personally when it was supposed to be that Yang wouldn’t let her train at all, but Ursula clearly has been trained, or at least been self-trained, making me wonder exactly how this series of events played out. Yang refused, because as you may recall from the Interlude, he’s just as willing to toss women aside as Cecil. Personally, I don’t blame Yang: that Ursula made it to 16 with Cecil as her godfather is remarkable. If Yang lets her out into the sunlight before she becomes an adult, her accumulated years of jinx are likely to burst her into flames on the spot.