Day: September 20, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Kill Your Darlings

tay-2015-09-19-03h14m49s457At this point, we were allowed to select our own chapter, though the game recommended we go to Rydia’s, the next chapter that was released in the real world. Unfortunately, the chapter itself gives no clue that it’s supposed to be second, and as a matter of fact it goes back in time for a stretch! The game had not given us any clues that it was suddenly going all Pulp Fiction on our asses, and Kyle and I were confused for a while. Here’s what actually happened… as best as we could tell. It would seem that sometime after Asura’s leading questions in the Interlude, she and Leviathan kicked Rydia out of the Feymarch, and she went to live in Mist. However, not long before the start of this game, she went to visit her friends in the Feymarch, only for Leviathan and Asura to kick her out again, using magic this time.

The reason for their haste (if not their previous expulsion as well) soon became evident: the Rydia lookalike had arrived. In turning the Eidolons to stone, she seemed to have interrupted Leviathan’s teleportation spell, and Rydia found herself at the exit of the Feymarch instead of outside. She returned and found her benefactors frozen and, like everyone else in this game, blamed herself for the actions of others, thinking that her presence had something to do with the petrification.  There’s a lot of self-blame going on in The After Years.