Day: September 19, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Ground Floor: Men’s Wear, Shoes, Map Mechanics

com-2015-09-18-12h28m56s902Let’s pick up with that initial foundation of gameplay I said we’d need to continue. Sora’s adventure through Castle Oblivion is going to encompass thirteen distinct floors of the castle. The white halls we’ve been seeing represent the real castle, but in between the white halls are whole floors that you can only navigate by filling them with Sora’s memories. Your objective is to enter the memory-world and find the three special rooms that advance the plot. If you bring up your map, the special rooms are the rooms marked in gold.

The structure is simple: you enter the world, the plot begins, and the game gives you a “Key of Beginnings” card that will open the first gold room. In the first gold room, the plot will be advanced and you’ll receive the Key of Guidance for door #2. Door 2 gives you the Key to Truth for Door 3. Beyond Door 3, the plot wraps up and you get an exit to the next floor. In Re:CoM, you’ll also see a fourth gold room on each floor’s map (the room is still there in CoM, it’s just not marked on the map), but you can’t access that room yet