Day: September 17, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Come, my army of generics!

Porom did not recognize Ceodore at first, and he did not recognize her at all, but an exchange of names soon had them on equal terms. Apparently Porom had not been to see Ceodore since he was a baby, which is reasonable given how they live on opposite sides of the world (if sad, given that I think most of the cast would want to keep in contact). Oh, by the way, did I mention that before this write-up alone is over, the game’s poor sense of time keeping and distance will have us outrunning airships cross-continent on foot? Just a random observation, no reason!

Porom wanted to help the party, but with the Elder in poor shape, she did not feel comfortable leaving the Tower of “Wishes” unattended (goodness sakes’, Square, if you’re going to uncensor the original game’s “Tower of Prayers” in the Complete Collection, uncensor the sequel too!). This was an odd motive, since there are other mages at the Tower who could guard the man, but the line was probably meant to show just how important our former White Mage had become in Mysidian politics. Instead, she assigned an anonymous White and Black mage to join our party, asking the White Mage to open the Devil’s Path to Baron. This was the path Cecil was able to just skip through because he was a Paladin. We would not have things go so easily, as apparently no one has swept the place out in 17 years to help resume trade with Baron.

By the way, Porom almost recognized Not-Kain on our way out, but this was cleverly played off as a gag about her just then noticing Ceodore’s silent companion for the first time, and Kyle and I did not realize it was a hint until we had worked the whole thing out!