Day: September 15, 2015

Kingdom Hearts CoM – Go Fish

Note: As of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, the KH1-BBS Retrospectives are being “locked down” and will no longer be updated to account for new content that might be relevant to those particular games. For example: if KH3 or an interview explains a KH1 plot hole that I mention in this Retrospective, I won’t be updating the Retrospective to say so, adjusting my opinion, etc. We’re already several KHUX updates out-of-date as-stands. For similar reasons, comments for these games will be closed, though original comments will be preserved. Enjoy your read!

For anyone who’s forgotten things from nearly 300 fucking pages ago, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was originally released on the Game Boy Advanced in 2004, developed by Square Enix’s associates, JUPITER Corporation, who would later make The World Ends with You. It was released two years after the original game (the first KH game officially under the “Square Enix” banner). More notably than anything else, it was the first game in the series with a scene-skip (hold Start), making it a saint among Square games. Oh yeah. I’m leading off with that. That’s right up there with release date, developer and publisher. If you ask me, scene skips should have been everywhere since their invention, so I’m more upset at KH1 not implementing them than I’m happy about CoM and KH2 getting around to it. The thing is: the feature was so rare in GBA games that CoM still looks better than its contemporaries.

As a saint, this game was later re-released on the PS2. When it was released on the PS2 is more… complicated.