Day: September 10, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – I love you son. Now, into the pit!

ffivtay-2015-09-09-01h47m10s559First off, a spit in the face of the Interlude. When we first played it, the Interlude appeared to be a fair cut of storytelling, not particularly good but never bad, but we’ve since learnedthat it copies at least two sections of gameplay from The After Years: not just in revisiting dungeons but in re-fighting bosses as well. And to make things worse, those dungeons and bosses were already recounted from the original game. To make things even worse than that, the Interlude also fails to successfully bridge the two games! I understand the Complete Collection’s version of The After Years never mentioning the events of the Interlude (though that is hilarious at times) but the Interlude itself just doesn’t seem to have set up the plot the way it intended! (more…)