Day: September 6, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: Interlude – Bridging the Gap

@Silent Ryuni

We went into the Falcon and found that it was commanded by Cid but with Dwarven command represented by Princess Luca, of all people. I should stress once again that Luca is a child, but whatever you say, game. The game took us automatically to the Sealed Cave – no chance to conduct our own affairs (this was unsurprising, in fact we were discussing just how linear we expected the Interlude to be given the events we had already seen). Inside the Sealed Cave, we found few surprises. The Dwarfs had occupied and perhaps even cleared some of the rooms (we never seemed to be attacked in the northern half of one room, but FFIV never showed the ability to put monsters in only part of a room, so I’m still not sure it wasn’t luck). Best of all, the Dwarfs had killed the Trap Door in front of the save point.