Day: August 29, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – In the beginning, there was only the Void…

kh1-2015-08-28-17h37m14s754After one last brutal Gummi crawl, it’s time to say goodbye to the old Highwind, with its sixty-three distinct gun decks, and to step into The End of the World, a very different place. This world is a world made from the pieces of the worlds the Heartless have destroyed, an anti-Traverse Town at the opposite end of the map, gathered for some… purpose. Goofy addresses the End of the World as “a Heartless world,” which I believe he’s using not just to mean a world populated by the Heartless, but a world-that-is-Heartless the same way a human can be a Heartless. It’s an interesting idea.

After a whole game of careful, distinct layouts, Square goes all-out with the finale, making sure each room comes off as memorable. They don’t quite succeed due to a double-tunnel near the end, but that’s just me getting pedantic. This is one of the series’ most best worlds, even as a hodge-podge. Let’s get started.