Day: July 28, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Don’t You Forget About Me

Remember when I was talking about Wonderland, and complaining about how its doors connected in such an illogical way that it went beyond fun and into frustration? And how I complained about Monstro and the maze of twisty passages? Well the problems with Wonderland were all on side paths, and the problems in Monstro were somewhat negated by them being intentional. Yes, I don’t like mazes, but I at least respect that it was meant to be one. I’m put off and baffled by an unintentional one, like Halloween Town. Halloween Town is illogical and hard to navigate seemingly by accident. You go into the coffin, which is illogical but was at least telegraphed, before having to leave the Mayor’s room through a tomb, which is kind of hard to find thanks to the camera angles jumping to the angle that was used for the mini-game, despite the fact that it’s no longer present.

Once you make it to the far side, you’ll be at Moonlit Hill, the famous spiral hill from the poster. By the way, the section of graveyard with the coffin is now behind you, despite that not being the room you just came from. Now: how to cross the hill? Well, since we’re apparently incapable of singing our way across, you have to… uh…

How do you cross this hill?