Day: July 23, 2015

Final Fantasy III – Big Bad Warriors of Dark

With that all behind us, we then decided to cave and find out what Doga and Unei wanted, since that was a sidequest too and I guess would give us job points. Or rather… we thought it was a sidequest. We probably should have realized it wasn’t, simply because no one had given us orders to go to the Ancient’s Maze in the first place, and FFIII always tells you where to go. This was an old RPG, but not that old. Square had learned their lesson after the communicative disaster that was FFI, and wasn’t going to leave us to our own devices in the game. But they made a new error. What Doga and Unei had simply failed to explain was that they didn’t just have the key to Eureka, they also had the key to the Crystal Tower, something you’d think they should have tried to tell us!