Day: July 21, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Calamari ala Tesla

Ariel’s pissed at her father’s behaviour from earlier, so to calm down she suggests you all go to her treasure trove, just a few rooms back. Along the way, you’ll encounter your first Sheltering Zone, a giant Sea Neon that splits into four Sea Neons when you kill it. You can avoid the split by killing the Zone with magic or a critical hit, so it becomes a matter of strategy and luck whether you prefer a shorter fight for smaller returns, or a drag for better EXP and drop odds. Best get a handful of those Ultima Weapon ingredients while you’re here!

At her cache, Ariel shows you her stuff, isn’t it neat, including a Torn Page kept in a surface-world chest, if you can find it among the carefully organized clutter. Here, Ariel explains her dream of, wait for it, seeing other worlds. Oh, shit, we’re back in the realm of absurdly particular use of the word “world.” Sora sort of coughs and sputters to keep from saying what he knows, and Ariel impulsively suggests they go check out a sunken ship nearby, because that sounds pretty cool. “I’m bored, let’s go rob some place?” That’s about as substantial as most game plots. Let’s do this!