Day: July 19, 2015

Final Fantasy III – Under the Feet of Giants

Back in the main plot, we took the Lute to Unei and were able to wake her. She got up, and took her parrot onto her shoulder, where it disappeared and was never seen again (not the case in the Famicom version, where it is still visible on her menu sprite). I personally have policies against working with people who erase their pets, but I’m not Luneth and company. Unei then told us we’d have to find the Invincible, a third airship, to carry on with the plot. This one was still being held where the Saronians had unearthed the Nautilus: in the Ancient Ruins west of Saronia.

The only thing preventing our entering the Ruins earlier was a series of boulders, which Unei dealt with by levitating and disposing of. At least, that’s what we saw. What the game said was another matter: that she was colliding them with “dream boulders” and the real and dream boulders were wiping each out like matter and antimatter. And while that was acceptable on its own, it did not explain why she had to float the real ones up to begin with. And if she could levitate them, why not just move the real ones aside? I wouldn’t be overthinking this if you had just had her blow them up or toss them aside, but FFIII went and made it complicated without thinking first! For the record, in combat Unei was a White Mage, with top tier spells Holy (which we saw) and Haste (which we did not).