Day: July 18, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Swim this Way

Sora’s third trip to the 100 Acre Wood returns to Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree for the segment where Pooh manages to get himself lodged in Rabbits front door. If you’re not familiar with Honey Tree, Kingdom Hearts does little to vary it: Pooh shows up at his friend Rabbit’s house, imposes himself, and poor Rabbit is too polite to be inhospitable, even when Pooh’s being a jerk. This all gets worse when Pooh gets stuck in the rabbit hole on the way out because he ate too much. Which is extra silly because Rabbit has a larger back door. Watching this happen involves a lot of moving around on your part, which is pretty boring, though there’s one funny moment where you narc Rabbit out by showing Pooh where he stashed his hunny pot (in the beams of the ceiling!). The plot doesn’t vary from the film until it comes time to get Pooh out of the hole, when Rabbit (unvoiced) suddenly announces that a drink of carrot juice will slim Pooh down. If you say so, talking bunny, my suspension of disbelief is invulnerable in 100 Acre Wood.

Unfortunately, who should show up to complicate things but Tigger (Jim Cummings). Tigger’s making an early appearance (he was never in Honey Tree), but he’s just as troublesome as ever, as he’s decided to go bouncing through the carrot field. If he’s not trying to smash the carrots deliberately, he’s doing an awful good job of it all the same. Rabbit’s about ready to have a conniption, so this might not be a good time to tell him that you were throwing around his cabbages on your way in. Instead, get out there and play another mini-game to save the carrots from the tiger. Wow, Greenpeace just doesn’t talk about their niche work.