Day: July 9, 2015

Final Fantasy III – A nice lava bath will really clear your pores

Ignoring Desch’s prompt to go to the Dwarfs in the northwest, I instead sailed around the northeast and east, where I had seen a town exposed to the sea during my chocobo trip. It turned out this is the town of Gysahl, for which a chocobo-related item, the Gysahl Green, is named. The Greens have appeared in plenty of the games to come, and I bought a few so I could use them to bribe special Fat Chocobos into holding my excess junk when FFIII’s limited inventory became a burden. The people of Gysahl also sold Magic Keys (in case you found a locked door but didn’t have a thief to unlock them) as well as Level 4 spells, all of which were downright awful.

Next, still ignoring the Dwarfs, I instead went back to Desch’s girlfriend, because I had another plan to put into action in the area. Refia told her that Desch was sure to come back someday, which was totally irresponsible. Of course, because Refia seems to be deluding herself that Desch is still alive, so her behaviour was at least consistent. No, the girl did not get off her bed. Yes, it still looks stupid. While I was in town, I stocked up on status effect restoring items, as my relatively uneventful second run in the Tower of Owen still involved being infected with more status effects than you can shake a Malboro at. They paid off very quickly, especially the Gold Needles that cure Petrify.