Day: July 7, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Bees, My God.

We return to 100 Acre Wood, where the second segment of Pooh’s story takes place at the Hunny Tree. Here, you run into Piglet, voiced by the late John Fielder, Piglet’s original voice actor from 1968. Piglet has apparently been restored to 100 Acre Wood thanks to your book repair, but it freaked out by you, seeing as how you’re a stranger. To talk to him, you have to sneak up on him from behind, which Sora just isn’t any good at (poorly designed stealth missions were super prominent in the early 2000s. Be glad this is all KH1 does to you, at least until Final Mix). Once you’ve talked to Piglet, he explains that he was “all alone” when the book was damaged, continuing our theme of existential dread. Thankfully Pooh comes back to help him calm down. Pooh accepts Piglet’s return so casually it’s as though he was never worried – Pooh’s very present-minded that way.