Day: July 5, 2015

Final Fantasy III – Double-Tap

In preparation to entering the upcoming dungeon, the Nepto Temple, I switched Luneth to Red Mage and Refia to Black, as I’d need their extra spell power when we were all in a Mini state. That left me with only one physical fighter in hopes they might act as minature meat shield. After a few turns of combat to get my new spellcasters them into their roles (as required by the remake), I returned to the temple in Mini’d form and began to press through. Credit to the remake for making the inside of the wall actually look like the inside of a wall, though the remake’s “straight to the right” dungeon wasn’t quite as engaging as the Famicom version.

At first the dungeon wasn’t so bad, but I eventually came across monsters called Blood Worms that could survive an attack spell and could kill or nearly kill even my meat shield in a single bite. One of them killed Ingus in such an over-the-top OHKO and I decided that if that was how the game was going to play it, I really would use a Phoenix Down! I reached the boss on that run: the boss turned out to be a typical giant rat that had stolen the eye because it was shiny. I hit it with all my high-powered spells in desperate hope that it wouldn’t surprise long enough to do extra damage. Despite, Luneth died and I used a second Phoenix Down. Luckily, the fight healed me when it ended, so I made it back through Blood Worm territory alive.