Day: July 4, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – HM 07 (or 05)

You run off and get on Carpet to go to the Cave which, it turns out, was just next to Aladdin’s quicksand pit. And before you’ve gone four steps, you end up in another boss fight. And it’s a tedious one. More than once I’ve considered just going off to another world just to break up the pace for a little.

What is the boss? It’s the Cave of Wonders guardian, the tiger head made of sand, charged with darkness by Jafar. For some reason, the Guardian is fought to the usual Agrabah combat music instead of boss music, which was something that’s always irritated me here even though the game does this a few times. I think it’s because of the pacing problems. The game comes off as though it’s pretending “Nawww, we didn’t really put two bosses next to one another! That would be tiring. This is, uh, an environmental hazard?” Kyle’s first-grade niece watched us doing this fight for the Marathon, and after a moment she said, matter-of-fact: “That’s not actually a bad guy.” Man, could I get behind that. Could this just… not happen?