Day: May 30, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Leon’s Quality Child-Care Services


Look, Donald! Death!

When the action returns, we’re in a strange town stuck in perpetual night, where Donald and Goofy arrive to go looking for Leon. They also look up to see a star going out in the sky, presumably Destiny Islands, and before the cutscene is up, Pluto finds Sora lying unconscious in an alley. Wow, we’re in a hurry to get started, aren’t we? Too bad there will be an entire world full of cutscenes before we assume something resembling normal gameplay-to-story frequency.

Now, Pluto finding Sora is not to imply that Donald and Goofy find Sora. As it happens, they call the dog away without even entering the alley. This scene is home to one of Goofy’s best lines. When asking about the alley, Donald cuts him off, saying “What do you know, you big palooka?” and Goofy, with a tone suggesting Donald just gave him some good advice, says “What do I know?” and follows after.

Since Pluto woke Sora before he ran off, we regain control of our lead as he tries to work out where he is. Luckily for us, we already picked up the name of the place from the title card: “Traverse Town.”