Day: May 23, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Awkward Jogging

kh1marathon-2015-01-29-20h11m16s239After the paopu scene, we the gamers are shunted half-way across forever for a left-field moment I still don’t think I’ve fully absorbed. No, really, it’s not until we fade in on the scene that I remember it takes place at all, much less right at this moment. Cutting away from the sunny colours of Destiny Islands, we appear in the bright white and deep red of a pristine castle, where none other than Donald F. Duck, dressed in wizard robes, is walking around to the tune of the “Mickey Mouse Club March.”

Mr. Duck approaches a giant door, knocks, and then opens a much smaller door built inside. And one of the benefits of forgetting this scene is that that gag makes me laugh every time. Kingdom Hearts mimics a lot of Disney style but its few successful cartoonish sight gags are few and far between – frankly, I’m only fond of this one, a second later one, and one far, far, far away in Kingdom Hearts DDD. That golden age sensibility just doesn’t emerge in Kingdom Hearts as often as I’d like.