Month: April 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Richard Garriott Flipping You Off from Space

kh1marathon-2015-04-07-11h48m59s143It’s here that the tutorial begins: the Dive to the Heart, or “Awakening” as far as the menu is concerned. Now, let me start by saying that Kingdom Hearts has one of the most memorable tutorials of all time. Let me follow that up by saying that I feel it is in no way an effective tutorial. The criteria is not the same.

It’s hard to define exactly what makes up the best possible tutorial. These days, people seem to favour tutorials that introduce concepts as naturally and unobtrusively as possible, with redundant documentation in the menu in case you need to repeat. KH1 does not provide the latter (the series wouldn’t start until Days), and its tutorial is absolutely obtrusive and is only “quick” if you ignore all the complications. It’s flash and glam mixed with unexplained complexity – a bunch of ribbons hot glued to a math text.