Day: March 29, 2015

Kingdom Hearts 1 – Long-Term Consequences and Pop Music


Note: As of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, the KH1-BBS Retrospectives are being “locked down” and will no longer be updated to account for new content that might be relevant to those particular games. For example: if KH3 or an interview explains a KH1 plot hole that I mention in this Retrospective, I won’t be updating the Retrospective to say so, adjusting my opinion, etc. We’re already several KHUX updates out-of-date as-stands. For similar reasons, comments for these games will be closed, though original comments will be preserved. Enjoy your read!

Kingdom Hearts 1 was originally released by Square for the PS2 in Japan in 2002. Square Enix has released so many different origins stories for this franchise that it’s hard to tell them apart. All you need to know is that the games designed as a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy by both parties, headed by Tetsuya Nomura, man of 1000 zippers and one of the guilty parties behind Final Fantasies VII, VIII, X and XV. There: I made a zipper joke, I hope you appreciate how I’m blazing through the perfunctories so we can get down to business. The games were scored by Yoko Shimomura, who composed songs for Street Fighter II, the Mario & Luigi series, and more. (more…)