ARCHIVE: Original Mega Man Classic Run

These are the few surviving notes regarding the original Mega Man Classic Run (MM1-9), the founding Marathon as we know it today.  These notes aren’t exactly critical reading but I’m preserving them for posterity.

Mega Man 1 – 45 minutes – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives and Normal difficulty (as opposed to Easy), as well as Navi Mode (not for the directions. We knew those. For the awful localization). Excellent time, in the years since I’ve wondered if our time was actually 1 hour 45 minutes and something went wrong with the timing.

  • Mega Man Powered Up Bosses – 12 minutes – Played on Normal Difficulty (as opposed to Easy and Hard). We took out Fake Mega Man with Fire Man and decided to keep using Fire Man to defeat Time and Oil Man because it saved us the trouble of replaying all of Powered Up just to get Oil Man’s weakness, which would have been a waste of time as we wouldn’t have added those other stages to the timer as they were “already” beaten in the original MM1.

Mega Man 2 – 2 hours 30 minutes – Played on MMA Collection with 5 lives, the collection’s “Normal” difficulty (the equivalent of MM2’s “Difficult”) and Navi mode. Things went a little rotten around Quick Man’s stage and with the Wily Machine.

Mega Man 3 – 3 hours – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives, Normal difficulty and Navi mode. No problems, really, things went fairly well. The game is simply longer. Might have went better if we had camped for energy tanks, but we didn’t and it still went well, though we only scraped the Gamma fight in that he can be killed in a single good hit, as we were almost dead by the time we reached him.

Mega Man 4 – 2 hours 20 minutes – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives, Normal difficulty and Navi mode. No problems.

Mega Man 5 – 2 hours 45 minutes – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives, Normal difficulty and Navi mode.

Mega Man 6 – 2 hours 30 minutes – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives, Normal difficulty and Navi mode. Actually went fairly bad near the end. The game is easy, though, so it doesn’t reflect it in the time. The last game beaten on the first day of the Marathon.

Mega Man 7 – either 3 hours 45 minutes or 4 hours 45 minutes, we had a badly checked start time – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection with 5 lives. No difficulty options from here on out. As per our “beat all bosses” rule, we were obliged to fight Proto Man, but that didn’t go so badly. In fact, the only thing we missed in the entire game was the Ghosts and Goblins theme music playing in Shade Man’s stage! Had an absolutely ruinous time against the Wily Capsule that forced us to take a break and restart. Luckily, MM7 comes with a code that leads straight to the Wily Machine, so we were saved having to do the Fortress again. Consider that cheating, but the Marathon wasn’t so hard-lined back in the day. It sure made us feel better.

Mega Man 8 – 4 hours – Played on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection (ergo, using the Playstation version. To “represent” going to fight Cut Man from the Saturn Version, we made absolutely sure to grab the screw that replaces him as we would have otherwise skipped it). We got a few upgrades, but not so many, and were really only stuck for a significant period of time at the second snowboarding section.

Mega Man & Bass – 8 hours 35 minutes – Played on the GBA Version using a Gamecube GBA Player, using Mega Man. Catastrophic. It took us more than 4 hours (our previous worst time for beating entire games) just to beat the Robot Masters, and the rest of that time was spent fighting King Jet, the second of FIVE bosses in the second Fortress stage alone (and also, we lost to King 2, the fourth boss, and had to redo the entire stage, including the Jet all over again). The boss is hard, we had bad advice from the internet, it was a fiasco. Ugh. Be lucky if I ever play the game again. If we hadn’t died to the fourth boss, we’d have shaved an hour off the time.

Mega Man 9 – 6 hours 15 minutes – Played using the Wii version, Normal Difficulty and Mega Man. Disastrous Wily run (it only took us 1 hour 15 minutes to beat the Robot Masters). We lost almost all our energy tanks to the Twin Devil fortress boss and tried to beat Wily with none at all, failing. More than an hour of that later we gave up on the fortress and stocked up on tanks, starting over from the beginning. We beat the Devils without losing more than one tank, and reached Wily with a damage halver that made the fight much simpler (in fact, we only used one tank thanks to it). If you ignored the failed run, the time actually becomes a much more acceptable 3 hours 15 minutes.

  • Fake Man’s Special Stage – 25 minutes – Fake Man’s stage has no checkpoints, so most of this was re-running the stage. The in-game timer informs me that it took us 7 minutes 41 seconds 63 milliseconds.

TOTAL TIME: 36 or 37 hours, 58 minutes.

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