Marathon Gaming Retrospectives

First-Timer’s Journals update Thursdays (Final Fantasy / Mega Man) and Sundays (Kingdom Hearts). We are currently alternating between Final Fantasy and Mega Man to reflect our actual play-sessions.

Welcome to Marathon Gaming Retrospectives, where I break down the design and narrative of games in first-time-player Journals and long-time-fan Retrospectives. “The Marathon” is the way my friend and I have been approaching game series since 2008, and these are its records. You can learn more about the Marathons and their ten-year history over here.

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Journals chronologue the history of the Marathon, detailing what is often my first-ever experience with the game in question.


Retrospectives are write-ups similar to the Marathon Journals, but with previous experience and insight.

Classic Journals

Still looking for more? These are the Journals that inspired the Marathon Journals, written prior to 2008 and dusted up a little.